"Fighting Fiercely" T-Shirt Print SOLD OUT

"Sleeping Panther" T-Shirt Print SOLD OUT


Click transponder, You will be redirected to Raceday Systems for transponder purchase. $65.00

Velcro Ankle Strap
Sleeping Panther
one size

Make some noise with this finely tuned instrument! FWCX Vuvuzelas are here!

Purchase a brand new timing transponder for race|result active timing/scoring system. The chip provides 100% reliable detection, ultra high precision (0.01 sec) and a five year manufacturer's warranty .

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Fighting Fiercely

What better way to commemorate our best weeknight series than with this special edition shirt printed by Legacy Merch? UCI race numbers 17 on the sleeves to remember the year, CXPOSE series front, and the classic FWCX logo on the back make this a must have!

A simple and comfortable way to securely mount an active transponder to the body. This solves the issue of bike swaps in cyclocross as the transponder stays with the racer for accurate lap scoring.


Yes, our annual FWCX t-shirt is a must have, and we sell out every series. You can expect another live print event on the first night of racing brought to you by the partnership between FWCX and Legacy Merch.

2017 Live, onsite T-shirt print date to be determined