Win an expense paid trip to Hurtland. How? Win the A race points series and Red Bull will send you there! The number of points are based on the number of starters for Mens A and Women's A race. For example, if 15 men start, first place would earn 15 points, 2nd would earn 14 points; and continue to last place who would receive 1 point. Points accrue for the remaining 5 weeks of CXPOSÉ Tuesday Night Racing.


The points tie breaker is based on fastest lap of last week of racing.

No call ups

If the winner of the Golden Ticket must cancel or cannot attend Hurtland, it may be transferred to the next highest placing in the points.

Golden Ticket includes:

Gas Card, Hotel, Race Entry, and Red Bull product for the weekend!

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FWCX weeknight night action is just around the corner! CXPOSé. Uncover Cyclocross is what we aim to do. Online pre-registration available soon.  

Have you got your race license yet?  Head over to USA Cycling and renew or purchase now. Click the USAC icon below.